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News   •   Jul 28, 2015 13:31 BST

The obvious answer to this question is yes, of course character matters, everybody knows that. But do we really?

CharacterMatters is a small Glasgow based organisation, created to help people of all ages find out more about what character actually is, what it does, and the vital part it plays throughout all of our lives from cradle to grave.

Basically our character, and we all have one, can be understood as the underlying values that shape our behaviour at home, at school, work, and at leisure. CharacterMatters helps groups and individuals to get a firm grasp of thetype of character strengths they have, and then goes on to coach them in how to get more out of their lives at home, at school, work, and at leisure.

We were excited when asked to participate in the “Changing Lives” programme in four schools in the North of Glasgow recently, John Paul Academy, Springburn Academy, All Saints Academy and St Rochs Academy.

Our work is based upon the ground-breaking developments associated with Martin Seligman and Christopher Peterson, who since 1998/9 have been the driving force behind the emergence of a fresh approach to the understanding of psychology, placing a much greater emphasis upon the positive aspects of our psychological make-up. Basically, Seligman and Peterson want to pay equal attention to the positive aspects of our character whilst not ignoring in any way the many challenges we all have to face as we make our way through life.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the pupils, and our approach insists upon keeping the work simple, accessible to all, and fun to do.

We worked together successfully, introducing each school student to their own particular character profile that lists the 24 strengths of character that we all have, according to Seligman, and coaching them as to how they might choose to draw more effectively upon their personal strengths in all parts of their everyday lives.

CharacterMatters use Seligman’s PERMA method to introduce, and if asked, to develop and embed individual and group character strengths.

P. Positive Emotion

E. Engagement

R. Relationships

M. Meaning

A. Accomplishment

Barry Docherty CEO of CharacterMatters said: “The welcome we received from both staff and pupils was heart-warming, and enabled us to make good progress throughout the two hour duration of each session. We hope the outputs will be put to continuous use. This is a choice that each participant is invited to make for themselves. We hope they make the right choice. It was fun, many thanks to North Glasgow homes and all others who made this possible.”

Robert Docherty speaking on behalf of ng homes said: “The Character Matters sessions delivered in the four secondary schools proved to be a huge success and supported the young people to explore their qualities and strengths. Barry’s approach and delivery is excellent - I’m confident the young people took many things from the session that will support their long term development going forward.

For more information about CharacterMatters visit: or call 07970 074 618.

CharacterMatters : 9 Park Circus Glasgow G3 6 AX.

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