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Attendees listening to a presentation during an ng homes' Community Networking Breakfast.
Attendees listening to a presentation during an ng homes' Community Networking Breakfast.

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Celebrating two years of community networking at ng homes' monthly 'Breakfasts'

ng homes' Community Networking Breakfasts are celebrating two years of supporting vital connections and strengthening North Glasgow community working through their popular monthly networking sessions.

The monthly events bring together local community groups and organisations, helping to build vital connections between groups who share information, resources and establish new partnerships for the benefit of the community. The upcoming event in May marks two years since the return of the 'breakfasts' following a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

An invitation is being issued to all interested in joining the popular event ahead of the next Community Networking Breakfast in Saracen House, Possilpark on Friday 31 May 2024 from 10am-12noon.

The ‘breakfasts’ are held the last Friday of each month with many groups now attending regularly and include:

  • A 'Speakers Corner', where organisations share what they do. These have ranged from the Wise Group to the Glasgow Baby Food Bank, Dekko Comics, Possobilities and many more; organisations and groups frequently use this time to share the latest information including campaigns, activities as well as offers of and requests for support.
  • A chance to ask questions and network - time to mingle, network and make those all-important contacts and partnerships; and
  • A ‘marketplace’ - a chance to share and swap resources and contact details as well as leaflets, newsletters and more.

Past attendees are full of praise for the events, encouraging others to attend, saying:

  • "I've attended ng homes' Community Networking Breakfasts on a number of occasions, and it really is an excellent way for organisations to connect with each other. The atmosphere is friendly, welcoming and there are always interesting speakers."
  • "What a great event! It was good to meet so many local organisations!"
  • “This event is very informative; it is so important to know what services are available locally for the families I visit.
  • “An excellent event, there are so many contacts and community projects on our doorstep that could benefit the young people and families in the schools.”

The Community Networking Breakfast programme is open to all – no invitation needed!

Join us 10am-12noon in Saracen House, Possilpark (139 Saracen Street, Possilpark, G22 5AZ):

  • Friday 31 May 2024
  • Friday 28 June 2024

If you have any questions regarding the Community Networking Breakfast, please contact Paula Mailey (Community Development Team Leader) on






Press contact Communications Officer Communications & Media 01415606000

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