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Steve Buckley from Manorview with ng homes volunteers and staff, Board member Richard porter, Rossie Stone from Dekko Comics and elected members Bailie Jaqueline McLaren, Councillor Allan Gow and Bob Doris MSP at the Redistribution Unit in Springburn
Steve Buckley from Manorview with ng homes volunteers and staff, Board member Richard porter, Rossie Stone from Dekko Comics and elected members Bailie Jaqueline McLaren, Councillor Allan Gow and Bob Doris MSP at the Redistribution Unit in Springburn

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ng homes teams up with Manorview Hotels to challenge poverty and climate change in North Glasgow

ng homes and Manorview Hotels have come together to support members of the North Glasgow community who are finding themselves in hardship by distributing furniture and bedding from Manorview's Redhurst Hotel.

The Redhurst Hotel is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and is due to re-open late summer 2020. Steve Buckley, Head of Procurement at Manorview became aware of ng homes’ work in refurbishing quality furniture and furnishings, and redistributing it free of charge to tenants and people in the North Glasgow community.

ng homes operates a furniture redistribution service which includes furnishings and textiles. Not only does this service save items from landfill, it distributes them to members of the community who may need them.

Around six years ago, through funding from the Big Lottery, Support and Connect, ng homes housing and community regeneration staff developed a way to support people to furnish their homes. Although the Association provides ‘starter packs’ for new tenants, there was a clear need for additional furnishing for people to make their house a home.

Alongside this, ng homes carried out various community consultations with tenants around areas of waste and recycling and there was a clear interest in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. Community members also identified the need for a local redistribution centre that would not only help the environment but support people in need. Initially through funding form Scottish Government Climate Challenge Fund, ng homes established a local redistribution centre in Springburn where they have operated a furniture/furnishings/food redistribution service.

Margaret Fraser, Head of Regeneration said:

“The project has a dual purpose; from a climate challenge perspective it reduces the amount of items going to landfill, raises awareness and encourages people to take individual and community actions related to climate change. On the other hand it addresses issues relating to challenging poverty and inequality. We have always been mindful of our approach to this issue and using the ‘circular economy model’ of redistributing items we feel that we operate in a non stigmatising manner.”

Over the last two years the project has saved a total of 418.8 tonnes of co2e and has received over 500 donations of furniture items which have been donated to households. One tenant who received a furniture donation from the project said:

“I was feeling very low and depressed at the time. The staff that came into my flat were very understanding and were a great help to me. This service certainly gave me a massive boost in my life at a very difficult time. It would be great if this service was available in a larger area for people to get involved with as it can make such a difference as I know from my experience.”

The partnership with Manorview Hotels and Leisure Group has provided a fantastic boost to this project through distributing bedroom furniture, bedding and other items from their Redhurst Hotel. Staff from Manorview and ng homes worked together to take items to the distribution unit, before sending them off to homes in the community. This has been a great example of working together for the benefit of the wider community.

This service has allowed a dedicated group of community members to work alongside ng homes to continue with the fortnightly swap shops, community activities for young people and families. This group of volunteers has most recently established a ‘baby food bank’ in the area which is also supported by this service.

The redistribution service really has demonstrated the collective approach of people coming together to respond to both issues related to climate change and food poverty and as such we value this new partnership with Manorview Hotels and Leisure Group.

Steve Buckley from Manorview Hotels Group said:

“Manorview are so pleased to be working with ng homes in helping with rehousing furniture which hopefully will help others. In a short period of time, the partnership has planted seeds within our company which we hope can grow through the coming months and years.”

Recently we arranged a visit to the distribution unit for elected members, our Board members and community members. ng homes Board member, Richard Porter who was very impressed with the unit and service said:

“Our business is providing houses, and community Regeneration is a must. It is fantastic to see Manorview Hotels Group thinking about local communities. By rehousing previously loved furniture from their hotel, many families in North Glasgow will greatly benefit from their kind furniture and furnishing donations. It is great to see this partnership and this project grow to benefit local people.”




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