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The Grinch!
The Grinch!

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Possobilities saves Christmas from the Grinch!

Last Christmas Allied Vehicles answered a call for help from Possilpark based Charity, Possobilities. They told them how the Grinch teamed up with Covid-19 to try and steal Christmas, from them.

Manager of Possobilities, Melanie Fyfe said:

“The Grinch stole our minibus and drained the battery by using it to make potato and onion soup for his dinner! The Grinch then demanded that we fix the minibus and get presents for their members and volunteers for Christmas, and if they manage to get presents he gets to deliver them with Santa.”

The Grinch knew they had no money therefore it would be difficult to meet their demands. However, the Grinch underestimated how powerful community spirit is.

When Allied Vehicles heard about this, they not only repaired their minibus, but they made it into a Santa's socially distanced minibus! Even better than the Grinch's demands! Allied Vehicles donated endless gifts to make sure everyone has something for Christmas Day. Their generosity also paid for the delivery of a hot, homemade meal to 100 people.

The Grinch delivering gifts in North Glasgow

This year Allied Vehicles are once again helping out Possobilities to save Christmas from the Grinch at an event held this week with the help of Actor Karen Dunbar, Gerry Facenna and staff and volunteers from ng homes and Possobilities. Through donations of thousands of toys to Spirit of Christmas, Possoblitie and ng homes delivered selection boxes to a local nursery for their ‘Elf Walk’ taking place in Springburn Park.

The Grinch was astounded with all the kindness and for once was speechless, and his heart warmed to Christmas.

This year Allied Vehicles generously made a £2,000 donation to North Glasgow community organisation LoveMilton, to support local families with vouchers for food and fuel over the festive period.

Marina Costello, Project Coordinator at LoveMilton said:

“We are overwhelmed with the support that Allied Vehicles are showing at this time and we would like to thank Gerry Facenna in taking the pressure off families in Milton this year by offering this £2,000 donation. It will be used to support 40 households with vouchers for fuel and food alongside distributing information on long term welfare support to those experiencing disadvantage in addition to providing winter woollies and community meals to assist local people of all ages through this coming winter.”

The Grinch with Gerry Facenna, Allied Vehicles, Baillie Jacqueline McLaren and actor Karen Dunbar

Allied Vehicles also provided a donation from staff and the company of 771 gifts for children and young people through Possilpark Social Work and Glasgow’s Spirit of Christmas campaign. Ruairí McMurray, Team Leader for the North West Social Work Services, Possil, was amazed by the support, saying:

“Social Work staff have one again been amazed with the incredible generosity of the staff at Allied Vehicles Group. The number and quality of gifts has been astounding and will make a real difference to the families of Possil and surrounding areas. It has been an incredibly difficult couple of years for everyone and Christmas can be an especially difficult time for some of the families we work with, so the gifts make a real difference to families.

“On behalf of all the staff in the Possil Social Work Office, I would like to thank everyone at Allied Vehicles Group for their support. The staff and the company have made a real, positive difference for local families and ensured local children have a great Christmas. It is great to see a company support their local community in this way.”

They provided gifts, selection boxes and clothing to ng homes which have been distributed across the community.

The Grinch with actor Karen Dunbar, Margaret Fraser, Deputy Director of Regeneration at ng homes, and Amy Rew from Glasgow Girls Club

ng homes would like to thank Allied Vehicles for their continued support to the community. John Thorburn, Chairperson of ng homes, said:

“The support from local businesses like Allied Vehicles demonstrates the community spirit in the area. Working together in this way will make us a stronger, more resilient community. We hope that this goes some way in helping people through this period and wish everyone a happy Festive Season and Happy New Year.”







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