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Textile donations, furniture recycling and Environmental Hit Squad update

News   •   Oct 19, 2017 15:18 BST

Tenants donating textiles making a positive difference

After an increase in the number of textile donations from residents, staff and Board Members over the last couple of months, we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated. Karen Elliott, ng homes Waste, Recycling and Re-use Co-ordinator has been overwhelmed by the support and commented, “It’s great that everyone is backing our project and making changes to their behaviour when it comes to re-use and recycling. We’ve got a few events that have taken place and more on the horizon in relation to extending the life of textiles which will include make and mend workshops. Leading up to Christmas too we’ll have themed events so please keep an eye on our website for dates and venues.” 

The increase is also partly down to the launch of the Climate Challenge Fund Team’s “Doorstep Textile Recycling Collections” which take place every second week in partnership with ng2. After speaking to tenants at a recent Healthy Living event at Balgrayhill, Karen found out that they would like a little help recycling textiles. One tenant said that while she would like to recycle more often, she had “to carry all the bags on public transport and sometimes that’s just not that handy”. Another said “if there was a regular collection day then l would start my clear out … I’m sure my husband would be pleased!” With that in mind we have started collecting at our multi-storey flats on a regular basis. We’re also looking at staff collections which will start on a monthly basis and we’ll aim to collect on the third Wednesday of each month at all our offices. We’ll keep you updated on more collections on the website and in the next North News.

Furniture recycling doesn't just help you move out, it helps others move in!

Although textile donations have increased the team are currently looking for donations of furniture (non-electrical) for re-use through our tenant furniture distribution service. This service has already proved to be hugely benefi cial for tenants who need support when moving to a new house or when requiring help to furnish their home. One tenant said of the service: “Karen and Taylor helped me to solve the problem of furnishing my home by giving me the best service and they helped me to get what l needed”. Karen Elliot, ng homes Waste, Recycling and Re-use Co-ordinator, commented, “This tenant was in need of somewhere for her children to sleep but we had no beds at that time. We did however have a sofa bed, and with the help of the Hit Squad, the kids got a new place to sleep.” Although our main aim is to reduce carbon emissions by re-using furniture and textiles we are in turn helping tenants in need, while also continuing the life of a piece of furniture that we might normally just throw away.

ng2 Hit Squad helps out with another home move

The ng2 Hit Squad was out doing what it does best after it helped another tenant in need by moving them into their new home. After being approached by a Housing Officer, the Climate Challenge Fund team got to work to pick out carpets to help our tenant. Three carpets were fitted in two rooms and the family were able to move houses quicker than expected. Karen Elliot, ng homes Waste, Recycling and Re-use Co-ordinator pointed out, “if it wasn’t for the hands on approach of our wonderful Hit Squad then this tenant would have been unable to move so quickly.” On this occasion three departments worked together and the results were appreciated by the tenant who said, “I am so happy and thankful to the guys who fitted my carpets as this allows me to have my family all together.” The Climate Challenge Fund team want to once again thank everyone for all the donations that have been made, and add that if you require a referral for furniture –short or long term – then please contact your Housing Officer. We look forward to receiving more donations on more regular dates soon, and then subsequently delivering them to tenants in need across North Glasgow.