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Red carpet arrival for special guests 'The Gallus', producer and director Rachel Coburn, Amy Rew (Glasgow Girls Club) and actor Karen Dunbar at the screening of "Karen Dunbar's School of Rap".
Red carpet arrival for special guests 'The Gallus', producer and director Rachel Coburn, Amy Rew (Glasgow Girls Club) and actor Karen Dunbar at the screening of "Karen Dunbar's School of Rap".

Press release -

Karen Dunbar’s ‘School of Rap’ showcases the talent of North Glasgow through new documentary

The red carpet was rolled out to welcome special guests to Saracen House, Possilpark to mark two special showings of a new BBC documentary, Karen’s Dunbar’s ‘School of Rap’, showcasing her heartwarming journey into community activities through the pandemic.

The documentary shared the stories of the wonderful ‘Gallus’, a group of five older women from across North Glasgow. They explored their lived experiences and the common themes that arose were that of Faith, Family and Friendship through 'rhythm and poetry' (RAP) in a powerful documentary.

Filmed partly in Possilpark and Springburn, it showcased personal challenges and the resilience of the North Glasgow community were highlighted, delivered with just the right blend of humour.

The documentary, produced and directed by Rachel Coburn, has been widely praised receiving positive feedback through local and national media.

In a fitting turn, the documentary was shared with a community audience in the heart of North Glasgow. ng homes organised two special events, laid out in style, for the local community to celebrate the work. Guests included the local 'RAP' stars, actor Karen Dunbar, BBC Producer and Director Rachel Coburn, Glasgow Lord Provost Jacqueline McLaren, and community representatives were treated to a beautiful meal from a documentary co-star, Courtyard Pantry Enterprise.

A special viewing of the film and the opportunity for a Q & A with Karen Dunbar, Rachel Coburn, and the stars of the show: Jean, Maggie, Susan, Betty and Wilma, known affectionately as ‘The Gallus’ followed.

ng homes first connected with Karen during the pandemic to work with local people who were feeling isolated. Working over Zoom, Karen and the groups created RAP (Rhythm and Poetry) pieces, focusing on how they felt during the pandemic and the importance of social connections.

As restrictions lifted and community events ramped up once again, the RAP workshops continued in community venues. Last year, two of the groups - Glasgow Baby Food Bank and Possobilities - were able to perform at Springburn Park during the ‘Make Something Better' event.

Karen Dunbar praised the experience, saying “Since doing the RAP workshops with the folk I’ve met through ng homes, my mind’s really been opened up to all the creativity and spirit that is in Springburn and Possilpark. So many people with something to say and a unique way of saying it. The stories, the accents and the humour from participants never fail to make me smile, cry and laugh and their generosity in sharing their ideas and memories is very humbling”.

Rachel Coburn added, “Making this documentary with Karen, Amy and The Gallus has been a total joy and a privilege. I really appreciate the trust the women put in me to tell their stories with dignity, and it was great to highlight the work Karen and Amy are doing through the rap workshops – the power and importance of community arts initiatives shouldn’t be underestimated. The bonds we’ve made on this wee journey will live on - I can safely now say I’ve got five new adoptive grannies!”

Margaret Fraser, Deputy Director of Regeneration at ng homes, said: “There are many ways of connecting with community members and this is a great example of harnessing the amazing creativity that runs through North Glasgow. We have been delighted to work alongside Karen to support a range of groups to take part in the RAP workshops. We are also delighted that Karen has set up her own Social Enterprise, Beats Therapy, and we know her talent will continue to work its magic in our community”.

The documentary can be accessed at the link below.




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Notes to editors

Rachel Coburn - Biography

Rachel Coburn is a 30-year-old producer and director working full time in BBC Scotland’s digital department. Since starting in the industry as an apprentice in 2015, she has developed a passion for visual storytelling, and especially in giving those often underrepresented in the media a platform to tell their story.

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