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CCF Award presented to ng homes Concierge Service - John Thorburn, ng homes Chair; Arthur McGill, ng homes Concierge; Margaret Thomson, ng homes Board Member; Colin Leverage, ng homes Concierge and Property Manager; and Bob Doris MSP.
CCF Award presented to ng homes Concierge Service - John Thorburn, ng homes Chair; Arthur McGill, ng homes Concierge; Margaret Thomson, ng homes Board Member; Colin Leverage, ng homes Concierge and Property Manager; and Bob Doris MSP.

Press release -

North Glasgow community leads the way in Climate Change at Awards Ceremony

Over 100 people gathered for a special event in the North Glasgow community to celebrate the work supporting the Growing and Sustaining North Glasgow’s Green Legacy project on the 21st March 2019.

The celebration paid tribute to the tremendous work done by individuals, groups, schools and partner organisations in tackling climate change. The project, funded by Keep Scotland Beautiful Climate Challenge Fund, saw a range of activities being carried out across North Glasgow, including energy workshops, swap shops, furnishings and furniture redistribution, fashion shows, comic strip workshops, and a carbon counting tool too!

ng homes began working around climate change issues a number of years ago, and one of the main challenges was to raise awareness and change attitudes. The project’s success over the years has stemmed from community members seeing the importance of changing their everyday actions and habits in order to have a positive and sustainable impact.

In particular, the furniture redistribution and monthly swap shop linked in with ng homes’ recycling service. With there being so much environmental waste which could be reused, the furniture redistribution service and swap shops provided an excellent platform to bring the community together to upcycle, reuse and redistribute furniture and clothes whilst reducing the amount of items going to landfill and supporting people in hardship.

Fuel poverty is another area of importance in tackling energy efficiency and climate change. Poor choices or circumstances can put people into fuel poverty, however the expert support of ng homes’ Energy Efficiency Officer has been vital in helping individuals overcome this.

The special celebratory event was held in Springburn’s Petershill Club and was attended by community members, partners, ng homes staff and Board members, and local Elected Members.

ng homes Chair, John Thorburn, opened and introduced the event, and praised the outstanding work done by community members. He said:

“Although the ceremony tonight is to celebrate the success of the project, it also demonstrates the great things that happen when people come together and it impacts on strong community connections across age groups and cultures, gaining skills and experience and connecting better with services and venues.”

CCF Award presented to Chancers Group Possilpark by Bob Doris MSP, Paul Sweeney MP, and John Thorburn, ng homes Chair.

Margaret Fraser, Head of Regeneration, said:

“It is clear from this room tonight that the level of community engagement is very powerful and that this is what has made the project the success it is. It is people who make the difference. The level of community involvement in designing and delivering creative sessions has been exceptionally high. It has been heart warming to see so many taking part over the lifetime of this project.”

Elected Members Paul Sweeney MP and Bob Doris MSP attended the event and congratulated the community on their outstanding contributions and presented awards.

Paul Sweeney MP said:

“It was a pleasure to join up with ng homes and all the amazing volunteer groups across Springburn and Possilpark for the annual Climate Challenge awards at Petershill. We only have a decade left to take action before climate change becomes irreversible, so it is encouraging that so many people in our community have already sprung into action to play their part in making the practical changes needed to our lifestyles that will preserve our planet for future generations.

I was particularly impressed by the engagement of so many young people in the projects that received awards, as not only are they the ones who will be at the forefront of tackling climate change, they have already been inspired to lead the way in changing how we lead our lives to help protect our planet. Whether it is stopping single use plastics, recycling furniture or finding ways to educate our young people like Dekko Comics have done, all the Climate Challenge winners are worthy recipients and I look forward to working with them all to continue their work in the years to come.”

CCF Award presented to Rossie Stone of Dekko Comics by Gino Satti, ng homes Board Member and Bob Doris MSP.

Bob Doris MSP said:

“It was a privilege to present awards to volunteers from such a wide range of community organisations. This is a testament to the significant efforts our local communities are making to play their part to support re-use, recycling and reduce waste. Most importantly volunteers are challenging and changing both culture and attitudes. That is why the part played by local school pupils was particularly heartening. We all have our part to play in tackling climate change and the strong Environmental partnership between ng homes and our communities is having a positive impact.”

Entertainment at the event was delivered by Johnny Cypher, who gave an amazing Climate Challenge Rap, followed by Divine Tasinda and dancers who performed powerful routines linking into the story of climate change.

Margaret Fraser concluded the event with special thanks to the ng homes CCF project staff Dom McInally, Ronnie Black, Evelyn Milligan and Joseph Brown for their work in supporting the community.

CCF Award presented to Glasgow Chinese Recreation Centre by John Thorburn, ng homes Chair, Bob Doris MSP and Paul Sweeney MP.

Awards were presented to:

  • Swap Shoppers
  • Chancers
  • Glasgow Afghan United
  • African Challenge Scotland
  • Chinese Recreation Association
  • Concierge Service
  • ng2
  • Possobilities
  • Highballs Low
  • Eco Drama
  • Dekko Comics
  • Home Energy Scotland
  • LEAP
  • Fare Share
  • Re-tek
  • Salvation Army
  • Sew Confident
  • Divine Tasinda
  • Johnny Cypher
  • Albi Taylor
  • Progrez


  • Elmvale Primary
  • Saracen Primary
  • Chirnsyde Primary
  • Highpark Primary
  • St Teresa’s Primary
  • Keppoch Nursery
  • Springburn Academy
  • Elmvale Nursery




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